Building Sand Castles to Make Connections

Life after the BA, it’s a tough question. Where to go and what to do is an endless assortment of personal choices that help either create the person that we’ve always dreamed of being or dismantle the perfect portrait of our lives that we planned out so clearly years ago. Looking at the path in front of me, I can say that it is no longer a clear-cut path for me to follow. Instead I find that there are now infinite possibilities of where to go from here. Leaving me to ponder which way to go and if I can make the right connections to get there.

At this point life seems to have become a sandbox where I am in charge of building or destroying my own sandcastles. Life is now full of endless possibilities, with choices galore for me to make.

As I sit in my own sandbox and decide what type of legacy that I want to leave, I can only ponder the connections between my actions. Past, present, and future are all suddenly relevant factors in the type of castle I decide to build. Who I meet, what I do and what I learn all become relevant tools that help shape and design the person that I am going to be. I plan to use this blog as a tool to explore these connections and intersections that occur in my life, exploring issues related to technology, social media, transportation, networking and my own personal life experiences. Through self reflection I hope to build the sandcastle that I’ve always dreamed of.