24 Improvements for the Next Year




Well, I did it. I survived yet another year! Looking forward, here are a few goals that I’d like to accomplish during this next year:

  1. Visit Malaysia
  2. Blog more frequently
  3. Launch my own personal Website
  4. Run a 5k
  5. See a Sounders game
  6. Watch a live play
  7. Travel to a U.S. state outside of the Northwest
  8. Make more time for Judo
  9. Attend more events related to urban planning
  10. Cook dinner frequently
  11. Be a better friend
  12. Volunteer regularly
  13. Get involved in local politics
  14. Attend more concerts
  15. Spend less time in front of my computer
  16. Write more thank you cards
  17. Pick up a new hobby
  18. Enroll in a personal development class
  19. Take more pictures
  20. Go camping
  21. Read more books and blogs
  22. Start info interviewing again
  23. Visit the San Juan Islands
  24. Have fun and meet new friends

To another great year, cheers!

– Josh

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user christing]