Analysis of “Weekend”

Plot Spoilers Below

This past Saturday I watched “Weekend,” a gay romantic comedy about a hook up which takes place over a weekend. It’s a relatively simple movie but it does a good job at explaining the complexity of relationships.

The film follows the life of Russell, a Gay man in the UK and his weekend in the city. During a random Friday night out at a gay bar, he meets Glen, a cynical artist with an appetite for challenging the status quo and relationship norms. They flirt momentarily in the bar and then end up at Russell’s apartment later in the night where they end up making love. Their relationship starts out simple – nameless, emotionless and without much context.

Over the weekend it quickly evolves due to a series of conversations and outings. Towards the end of the film Russell and Glen grow close and develop a bond with one another. Unfortunately, halfway through the film we learn their time together is short because Glen is planning to leave for Portland, Oregon in just a few days. Russell is confused and heart broken by the news but tries not to get too emotional.

“Weekend” closes unceremoniously and leaves the story of Russell and Glen unresolved. Similar to real life, both characters have independent life paths which just happened to run together for a short while.

The film does a great job at not fetishizing the hook up. Instead it takes a more liberal stance and embraces the idea that love sometimes happens without much context; sometimes you have to live life in the moment and not obsess over the fine details such as “relationship status.”
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