Smooth Sailing

Life is full of varying degrees of chaos. From simple day-to-day problems like commuting, to more complex challenges such as paying down a massive amount of debt or figuring out how to say goodbye to a loved one. Problems arise from the shadows often to steal the spotlight and collect all of our available attention. While these moment are important and can be life changing, they are brief.

Reflecting back on my own life over the past year, I can recall a few storms or two that arose out of nowhere. Now being in a moment of relative calm, I can easily recall the events surrounding the storm but recognize it as only a fleeting memory. After all, things turned out for the best in the long run. When Fuzz left, I bunkered down and became more independent, meetings new friends and acquiring new skills. When I was laid off, I used my available resources to visit Kuala Lumpur for a vacation and networked to find a new job when I returned.

Storms as I’ve learned come as quickly as they leave. While it doesn’t feel this way during, hindsight reveals it was more of a fire drill than a catastrophe. Life is full of unexpected events. Embracing the chaos when it comes to your door and cherishing the calm before and after is the best way to live. After all, life is too short to constantly be hunkering down for the next big one.