Status Update – 1.13.2013

Life slowly returned to normal this week following Fuzz’s departure the week before. Traditional routines reemerged and I found myself gaining a bit of traction in discovering what’s next on the professional front. Thanks to a handful of great conversations about potential new ventures and life advice, my outlook for the year remains positive.

On a more personal level, I’m making progress in achieving some of my goals for this year. A few noteworthy ones include being physically active frequently, building my own Website and reading regularly. I’m very excited to be learning HTML and looking forward to hitting publish on my site next month. I also purchased a few sessions at a boxing/muay thai gym in Belltown that I’m eager to try.

The year is off to a good start so far. And as a former sprinter, I’m well aware of the importance of a good start. Out of the gate, it’s time to make things happen! Hello 2013, you’re looking great.

track starting blocks at the start line

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user bacherfamily]