Five Years of Shiba Love

Josh and Judo in Orting, Washington
Josh and Judo in Orting, Washington
Judo is an anchor in my life. He keeps me grounded even when other parts fluctuate between crazy and calm. Judo also helped teach me the importance of selflessness and responsibility. Having someone who looks to you for care and love changes your perspective on the world.
It feels like we just met yesterday but Judo turned five this week! Join me in wishing him a happy birthday on Facebook! In honor of my pup I’ve dedicated this post to him which explains some of the most commonly asked questions about his origins. Why Judo?Originally named Waung, Fuzz and I renamed Judo shortly after we adopted him in the summer of 2008. According to Fuzzy mythology, Judo’s name is a combination of Joshua and Fadzrul. It also means the gentle way in Japanese which is a perfect fit for his temperament.
What’s a Shiba Inu?
Judo is a Shiba Inu – a spitz type of dog from Japan. The breed was originally bred to hunt in the mountains. It’s extremely agile and loyal to its master. Rearing has a strong effect on Shibas’ personality. Early socialization and training helps prevent disobedience and improves interactions with other dogs later on in life.

Where Did Judo Come From?
Despite being a Japanese dog, Judo hails from Huntsville, Arkansas. Fuzz found him online after having difficulty finding an affordable Shiba Inu in the Northwest. Judo came to Seattle via a Boeing jet and fell in love with the region’s mild summers but strongly dislikes the wet winters.

Judo Quirks

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to spend time with Judo you quickly discover he has his fair share of quirks and is full of personality. I’ve outlined a few I’ve noticed living with him for the past few years.
Long Walks
Getting WetLikes
Car Rides
Jelly Beans
French Fries
Belly Rubs
Sun Bathing
Dog Parks
People Watching
Toe Licking