Returning to the Hunt After a Week of Seattle Sunshine


Unemployment finally caught up with me last week. After a few months of adventures around Seattle and a number of freelance projects, I found myself with a rather empty schedule and inbox. At first I was thrilled by the thought. It seemed almost too perfect. My to-do list had run out of boxes to check just as the sunny spring weather arrived in Seattle.

In honor of the sun I kicked off my shoes, lost my shirt, and planted myself in the yard to catch some rays and finish a few good books. This sense of calm didn’t last long however. With my natural state being mobile and fluid, I quickly became uneasy with this stationary life style. It’s safe to say that I have a hard time relaxing.

Sun kissed and mentally refreshed, I’m returning to the hunting trail reenergized for a new round. Opportunities don’t come knocking after all. It’s more of a hunt. You need to be at the right place at the right time to make things happen.

A bit about what I’m looking for below.

Digital Strategist and Storyteller Seeking Organization Interested in Digital Media and Collaboration

Smart and versatile communications professional with a passion for cultivating authentic relationships and stories for brands. I’m industrious, eager to learn, and filled with optimism.

I have over three years of experience helping organizations communicate effectively via traditional and new media. I love cuisine, travel, technology, trains, and urban environments. For a complete download about my history visit my resume here

I’m looking to create a long lasting relationship with an organization that has similar values and interests. If interested, please feel free to ping me on twitter at @jholland218.

[Photo Courtesy of waggingtales]