Sunday Afternoons at the Dog Park

Seattle Dog with Tennis Ball
“Bark, woof, grr…” These are common sounds which often fill my weekend. As a dog dad I frequently visit off-leash areas with my four legged friend JudoWhile I’d like to say I’m completely unbiased, I do have a few favorites. Below are my top picks.
Located in Seattle’s Sand Point neighborhood, Magnuson is one of the city’s finest. The park contains 9 acres and features a variety of environments including small dog play areas, lake access, mini hills, and an expansive open play field. Magnuson’s mix of features has made it a number one destination for Seattle pet owners.

Nestled in Seattle’s Rainier Valley, Genesee Park offers dog owners a savannah style landscape covered in gravel and light vegetation. Formerly a city dump, this park is remarkably flat compared to the surrounding hills. The park is frequently filled with dogs from around the neighborhood, making it easy for your pup to make friends with other dogs.

Near the border of West Seattle and White Center, this park is a common default for residents living in the southwest part of the city. The park sits next to a greenbelt and capped water reservoir. The main play area has gravel and mini obstacles for dogs to traverse. There is also a nice wooded trail you can walk with your dog.

For a complete list of Seattle’s carnie playgrounds, be sure to check out Also, if you’re a Foursquare user, I’ve created a handy list to help you track them down.