Status Update – 9.15.13


With summer coming to a close I thought it would be a good opportunity to use this entry to reflect on the past few months. A mixture of sunshine, personal events, and professional developments helped make this summer one of the best. Below is a list highlighting some of this summer’s big moments.

Back to the regular scheduled programing next week. Thanks for reading!
  • Secured three new clients –  Marx Foods, Tripcierge, and Seattle Goodwill
  • Reconnected with my two mentors – Anne Tillery and J Paul Blake
  • Ran “Let It Go” – a social media campaign for Seattle Goodwill
  • Helped launch Tripcierge’s new travel app
  • Little sister got married
  • My fiancé came to visit
  • Rediscovered my will power to go to the gym
  • Said Goodbye to one of my good friends (he moved to Portland with his girlfriend)
  • Watched a rendition of Hairspray
  • Participated in my first Startup Weekend
  • Discovered the joys of Colman Pool at Lincoln Park
  • Alki beach party