“Seoul, Our Movie” Video Contest

Attention aspiring filmmakers, the city of Seoul is looking for help making a movie. The film titled, “Seoul, Our Movie” (currently in production) is focused on capturing the diverse experiences and feelings related to Seoul. When complete the city hopes the film will help introduce Seoul to new global citizens and increase people’s love for Seoul.
The initiative was launched by the city of Seoul in August and is being led by PARKing CHANce – a Korean film making studio owned by Park Chan-wook who recently debuted his film Stokerin Hollywood and Park Chan-kyong a prominent Korean artist.
Interested filmmakers can participate in this global film project by recording and uploading short clips (no more than 5 minutes) to the “Seoul, Our Movie” YouTube channel. The clips should relate to one of the film’s three themes – working in Seoul, made in Seoul, and Seoul (full explanation of each listed below in the theme section). The portrayal of aspects of Seoul can be both tangible and intangible. Genre of clips can vary but project organizers will not accept parody style clips.
Top clips will be added to the overall film being produced by PARKing CHANce and the best filmmakers will be rewarded with prizes. A few of the prizes include a free trip to Seoul, new Kia, laptops, and many other fun prizes. Best of luck to all participants; happy shooting!

How to Participate
1) Visit and subscribe to the “Seoul, Our Movie” YouTube Channel
2) Choose one of the three themes and create a video based on the selected theme
3) Upload your video to the “Seoul, Our Movie” YouTube Channel before November 9, 2013 at 11:50 PM (KST)

Note:  Publish your video by adding a comment with a link to your video on YouTube


1) Working in Seoul: Show a typical day of a working Seoulite
2) Made in Seoul: Make use of a Korean made smartphone and explain its impact on your life
3) Seoul: Show any experience or feeling relating to Seoul

Contest Overview 
Once the submission process of the contest ends on November 9th at 11:59 PM (KST), PARKing CHANce will select appropriate clips to incorporate into the overall film and add professional edits where needed. Entries will be judged on creativity, originality of expression, and number of views and likes on YouTube.
After all of these quantitative and qualitative aspects are measured, the best clips will be selected by PARKing CHANce. Top filmmakers will be entered for a chance to win cool prizes including a free trip to Seoul, new Kia, laptops, and many other fun prizes.

Submission Period
  •  8/20/2013 – 11/9/2013 at 11:59pm (KST)

Contest Specifics

  • Open to all global citizens who love Seoul;  no restrictions
  • All video formats able to upload to YouTube are accepted 
  • All videos must include “Seoul” in their titles
  • Videos must be under 5 minutes
  • Acceptable Genres: Documentaries,  fiction films, films of reenacted events, self-filmed movies, films created from still photos, etc. ALL PARODY FILMS WILL BE REJECTED

Contest Website: www.seoulourmovie.com/en/overview/overview.asp
Contest YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/seoulourmovie
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