JHXXVI – Fresh Start, New Year


“Cut, it’s a wrap!”

Like many good things, my 25th year has come to an end. No big bangs or fireworks but many lessons learned from a challenging year which allowed me to explore my life as an entrepreneur, redefine my personal values, and lay the framework for some important “personal infrastructure projects” which I hope will pay off in the near future.

Looking ahead it’s hard to say what the new year has in store but if I learned anything from my 25th year, it’s that you have to put your best foot forward every day and plant all seeds of opportunity. The combination of these two actions will lead to the creation of a stronger and more prosperous future.  

In celebration of this milestone, I’ve created a personal curation project using Tagboard to capture the last few moments of my 25th year. I also drew up a list of personal improvements I hope to achieve in the coming year (listed below for reference).
To another year, *Cheers*

26th Year – Personal Improvement Opportunities 

  • Make regular investments in my personal fitness
  • Reconnect and maintain connections within my network
  • Hit a little harder when it comes to point of view (POV)
  • Recover quicker from “life blows”
  • Push myself beyond my normal comfort zone
  • Take action more frequently and ask myself “what’s the worst that could happen”
  • Think more strategically about new opportunities and alliances
  • Manage and respect my own time
  • Step out of the weeds and look up at the bigger picture
  • Don’t be afraid to take the lead occasionally   
  • Own good work and learn quickly from missteps
  • Strive to be the first to nod, smile, compliment, and forgive
  • Draft faster, revise with care, and hit publish more frequently
  • Exhibit a high level of emotional control


When working on a project it’s easy to get caught up in the fine details. Is the writing crisp? Is the photo right? Did we anticipate every possible thing that could go wrong?


While it’s important to strive for the best, it’s also equally as important to not let the fine details hold back the final product.


“What’s your minimal viable product (MVP)? Start there and make continual tweaks and improvements to reach your final goal.”

<iframe width=”640″ height=”390″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/0lu2e-q8ntM” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

“Realign your life perspective frequently and often to avoid catastrophic derailments.”