2015 Goals


Here we go, 2015 is off and running! I’m continuing my tradition of sharing my goals for the New Year on my blog. Different from years past however, I’m revisiting a few past goals (about half) which I didn’t quite hit the mark OR pursued previously and enjoyed the outcomes.

As a co-worker once shared with me, goals are important to set perspective for the coming year. They help determine a general direction for your life. The alternative as they framed it is often much worse; wandering aimlessly without any sense of purpose or focus.

So here they are, below are my goals for 2015

  • Blog once a week (returning goal)
  • Run a half marathon (returning goal)
  • Read a book once a month (returning goal)
  • Take the GRE (returning goal)
  • Create a new savings vehicle
  • Spend more quality time with my dog Judo
  • Develop and maintain a workout routine
  • Learn basic JavaScript
  • Improve my Spanish
  • Invest more in personal relationships

What are your goals or plans for 2015?

[Photo Courtesy of Justin Mier]