Status Update – 1.30.2015


Closing out the first month of the New Year. It’s off to a good start. I’ve made a few steps towards my goals for the year. Below are some updates on my progress.

Blog once a week
Still working to determine the right balance for this one. I enjoy writing but often find myself paused when considering what to publish on my blog. I do my best to curate content that is meaningful and useful but sometimes I hesitate to publish because I second guess my editorial judgment. I’m also attempting to juggle a few different platforms at the moment and debating the value between Blogger, Medium, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Take the GRE
Thanks to a friend I now have study material for the test! I’m in the process of reviewing the book and planning to take the test in spring.

Spend quality time with Judo
We’re back to visiting dog parks on a regular basis. The other day we walked all the way to the Green Lake off leash area. In total the walk itself was about two miles. Though Judo had fun at the park running and chasing other dogs, I seriously think he might have enjoyed the longer walk slightly more since there were so many smells and people he stopped to check out along the way.

Develop and maintain a workout routine
My biggest challenge with working out traditionally has been tied to knowing what exactly I am going to do at the gym. I’ve a basic understanding of what to do but as a runner I often default to cardio which isn’t great for building muscles outside of your leg. Thanks to the Fitocracy and Mtn Athletics apps however, I’ve been able to mix-up my workout routines and add in more weight training and targeted muscle activities.

Invest more in personal relationships
This particular goal has been rather rewarding. A renewed focus on thinking about friends and contacts in my network has forced me to be a bit more outgoing and start conversations. As an introvert it’s always taken a lot of energy from me to ignite conversations and put myself out there but I’ve gotten better at it over the years. Apps such as Refresh and Connect have be useful in chasing this goal.

Thanks for reading! Longer blog post in the works. Check back early next month.

[Photo Courtesy of Freaktography]