Link Roundup – 2.8.2015


Borrowing a page/blog concept from Seattle Transit Blog, one of my favorite blogs. Below is a collection of links from the week which made stop think about emerging trends and adjust my perspective about topical issues.

Pebble sells a million smartwatches and reveals plans for 2015
Microsoft continues to improve its mobile productivity options by acquiring Sunrise for $100 million
Rumors has it that Amazon might be interested in buying RadioShack’s stores for its retail expansion
Google’s self-driving cars may provide new competition for Uber

Rush hour varies by geography; this beautiful infograph reveals commute times by state
The vaccination debate is hot again, here’s a chart to help navigate the issues

Seattle is growing (fast); the newcomers are changing the town and brining a new energy to the city
A Detroit commuter walks 21 miles to work everyday
Mini city set lets urbanists build their own city

Perspective to get through a rough patch in life
The important lessons learned from failure
Checking off an extra to-do item each day can help make a dent in long term goals

[Photo courtesy of Flickr user Yohan]