Imperfect Perfectionist

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When working on a project it’s easy to get caught up in the fine details. Is the writing crisp? Is the photo right? Did we anticipate every possible thing that could go wrong?

While it’s important to strive for the best, it’s also equally as important to not let the fine details hold back the final product.

“What’s your minimal viable product (MVP)? Start there and make continual tweaks and improvements to reach your final goal.”

I learned this concept in 2014 after attending a Startup Weekend event at Redfin and often find myself returning to the concept when working on large scale projects. Most recently while working on a refresh for I ran into this invisible wall and the connected “feature creep.” The updates I wanted to make started modest. Simple things like, “it would be great if my blog wasn’t on a separate website,” “what if I integrated a content management system (CMS) into the site to make updates easier,” or “I’d like the site to feel more modern.” This simple list grew out of control however and became weighed down with other “non-vital” relaunch items. Things like, “I should really use the most modern CMS tool,” “I really need to tweak the site’s theme so it’s absolutely perfect,” or “I’m not in love with how my blog content ported over.”


The last few items left the redesign on emergency support for an extended period of time and had me frequently returning to rework a number of elements. Ultimately while important, they weren’t as crucial as getting the site updated. Following a weekend of chasing down a few major bugs and fixing some hosting issues, I’m happy to reveal version 2 of

Pardon the mess, tweaks and adjustments in progress. Input and bug reporting appreciated!

[Photos Courtesy of Joshua Holland]