Status Update – 8.16.2015

morning clock


Spent time this weekend reviewing old journals and blog post entries. It’s refreshing sometimes to pause and take a look at the past for minute. While nothing can be altered, information can be gleaned from the past and help inform the future. It’s also a great reminder of where you’ve been. Whether it’s up a mountain, across an ocean, or down a long road, it all helps reset perspective and help find solid ground to stand on.

In the process of reviewing the old entries, I realized how much I enjoyed looking back at these simple status updates. They don’t dive very deep into complex topics or stories but they provide a window into past thought. In honor of these posts, below is a new status update.


The Men’s Fitness: Exercise Bible
Hyperbole and a Half
The Power of Habit

Anthony Bourdain: The Layover
Orange Is the New Black
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F

How to write Javascript
Data visualization techniques
LinkedIn optimization tips and tricks

Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professional Network
PRSA YoPro August Mixer
Startup Grind Seattle Hosts Glenn Kelman, CEO (Redfin)

Dreaming of
Traveling internationally
Taking on a new challenge
Visiting my friend in Hong Kong

Working on
Upgrading to better display visual content
Studying for the GRE
Writing 500 words daily
Maintaining my three times a week workout schedule
Pitching new clients for my independent communication consulting business
A longer blog post…

[Image courtesy of Flickr user Alex]