Link Locker: Issue 1

Link Locker is a collection of links from the web, curated by Joshua Holland

Tech Spotlight
Facebook Safety Check, availability varies: Facebook responds to criticism regarding its decision to activate Safety Check in Paris but not for other recent attacks

The music stops for Zune: After a long sunset, Microsoft formally retires Zune

Magic begins to fade from some startups: Don’t believe the hype, technology unicorns don’t live forever. Investors recently marked down the value of a few noteworthy startup companies.

Your iPhone’s Hidden Location Log: Your iPhone is watching you and checking you in… What does it know about you?

Assimilating media functions: The line between technology and media companies continues to blur. A number of technology companies like Medium are taking on roles once held by traditional media outlets

Emoji Diversification: Communicating without words continues to become more complicated. Increasingly smartphone users are asking for more diverse options to represent their own cultural identities

Seattle’s technology fueled boom doesn’t contain enough new housing: The amount of commercial real estate in Seattle is increasing at an astounding rate. On the flip side, very few new housing units are being built in the city’s outlying neighborhoods, causing home prices to rise

Full Steam Ahead, Next Stop Bellevue: Sound Transit selects contractor to build its light rail tunnel in downtown Bellevue. Tunnel construction expected to start in 2016. When complete, East Link will allow Puget Sound residents to travel between downtown Seattle and downtown Bellevue in 22 minutes

Where’s the red line: Sound Transit has begun to covertly unveil its new branding for Central Link. Once East Link opens it will be named the red line

How Seattle’s home for arts and professional training was built: Heartwarming backstory about how the School of Visual Concepts came to be part of Seattle’s creative community

Powering the last mile with car sharing: Lyft is taking a different route than Uber for government relations. Lyft partnering with transit agencies. 

Perfect parings: Helpful cheat sheet to help you pick colors that go together  

[Photo Courtesy of Ken Chan]