2015 Highlight Reel

In a world of perfection often perpetuated by social media and digital culture, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that everyone else’s life is perfect and the film of your life you’ve been making is mostly bloopers. Over the years, I’ve come to realize this idea is pure fiction.

Life in general is mostly bloopers. That final film you see is often carefully curated and sculpted to look perfect and effortless. More often than not however, the coherent arcs, plot twists, and characters which seem to fit together logically are mostly random dots which only make sense when you take a step back. Think Chuck Close painting or a connect the dot exercise.

All seriousness set aside, highlight reels can be fun to make and are an important exercise in realizing the latest trip around the sun got you somewhere. I’ve actually come to enjoy this end of year exercise of pausing and taking a moment to reflect; ask myself,

“Wow, did I really do that?”

It’s good for the soul occasionally. So without further wait, below is my 2015 highlight reel. My full film is still a work in progress of course. And my blooper reel, as always is available for screening over coffee, drinks, or a meal. Enjoy and be sure to share what moments you added to your highlight reel this year with me in mail or in the comments section.

Incorporated Shiba Inu Studio
Pitched, secured, and won new contracts for Shiba Inu Studio
Met a few real life Googlers
Paid my own business taxes

Daily Life
Traveled to San Francisco for Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend
Traveled to Hood River
Traveled to British Columbia for the Richmond Night Market
Camped on the Olympic Peninsula 
Took the GRE
Read 11 books – comics not included
Created a digital home for Fuzz Food 
Upgraded my personal website

Started running with Seattle Frontrunners on Saturdays
Ran and Beat the Bridge
Hiked the Bridal Veil trail
Suffered a minor hot pot addiction
Became a hot wing connoisseur

Giving Back
Began organizing Young Professional events for PRSA Puget Sound
Shared best social media practices with a group of filmmakers at DocuTalk
Provided students and young professionals with a talk about life as an independent consultant at PRSA Jumpstart
Participated in a UW career panel about job hunting and life after graduation
Joined the Seattle Frontrunners Board
Hosted two University of Washington International Students (Malaysia and China)
Volunteered for a second year with SVP Fast Pitch

Attended my Mom’s Wedding
Helped Fadzrul obtain his green card
Celebrated my niece’s first birthday
Celebrated my one year wedding anniversary
Moved to Columbia City

Acted as Best Man for my friend’s wedding
Started playing Pathfinder
Attended SAM Remix for the first time

Alternate Timelines Not Explored
Interviewed for a few dream jobs
Almost moved to San Francisco, California
Almost moved to Washington, D.C.
Almost got another City/County job

What’s moments made it into your highlight reel?

[Photo Courtesy of Matt