Farewell NetHope, Hello New Adventure

After two years of helping empower some of the world’s leading nongovernmental organizations (NGO) with technology to change the world, I’m shifting gears in 2016 to search for new opportunities. The choice not to renew my contract was a tough one but after doing a bit of soul searching and asking myself a few tough questions about my client’s business, I determined the time was right for NetHope and myself.

Client relationships and consulting in general can be challenging. Like all relationships, it takes daily work to maintain and like anything involving people, it can get a little messy at times with so many subtle areas of gray, or as a former manager of mine used to say about our Microsoft client, “Can you decode what he is really saying or asking for?”

Truly amazing consultants are expert decoders and understand how to read subtle cues to make the perfect recommendation which can feel like mind reading at times. Admittedly while I like to think of myself as a “pro,” taking a step back and looking back at the bigger picture, I’ve come a long but like many consultants with less than 10 years under there belt, I still have a long way to go. Especially in today’s dynamic world where ink doesn’t dry and the tools to used to help communicate messages seems to multiple on a daily basis.

Working with NetHope has been one of my most professionally rewarding experiences to-date! As a content creator and digital strategist addicted to news and global events, NetHope gave me the opportunity to work on projects with true global impact. Whether it was helping support the fight against Ebola with some of the world’s largest NGOs in western Africa or answering the call to start rebuilding Nepal after the earthquake in 2015, the opportunity to do work that mattered, occurred frequently. I also had the chance to spearhead a few big projects of my own including planning and executing my first international conference in San Jose, California for 200+ C-Level executives to helping create collateral and digital components to help the organization pivot into its most recent form which is more focused and modern in terms of language and visuals. I also had the chance to do something I really loved which was managing an ongoing blog calendar and content with the Huffington Post via Cisco. It’s truly been an amazing experience!

All good rides however come to an end. And this is my stop unfortunately. So with a deep sigh and slight hesitation, I’m turning the page and starting the next chapter of my professional life. Wish me luck as a search for what’s next and get back to the daily hustle of building new relationships, connecting the dots on the bigger picture, and helping amazing organizations and individuals communicate their own stories. Updates and news to follow as it develops.

[Photo Courtesy of Daniel Oines]