Status Update – 5.30.2016

It’s been a while but I’m back! What started as a brief hiatus to collect my thoughts  and reprioritize at the start of 2016 turned into a prolonged roller coaster of developments, personal and professional.

On the personal front I lost a loved over the first half of the year. While it was expected, it’s always a challenge to say goodbye to someone you love. The time just never feels right.

On a slightly lighter note, I spent a good chunk of the winter and early spring, revisiting some of my habits, strengthening the ones which have helped me succeed the most and retooling the ones which weren’t having enough measurable impact. I’ve also had the chance to spend more time with family and friends offline, enjoying their company and strengthening social bonds.

Professionally, Shiba Inu Studio continues to attract more clients. In 2016, I’ve had the pleasure of working with four clients in very different sectors. A few have included health IT, continuing education, hospitality, and most recently international commercial real estate. It’s an eclectic mix that has provided me with some great opportunities. Most notably I’ve been able to go from knowing almost nothing about HubSpot to having a strong intermediate knowledge of the program.

I’m planning to write more in the next few months and look forward to connecting more dots! In the meantime, below is a quick roundup post detailing what I’m up to lately.


The Checklist Manifesto
Secret Wars
Ms. Marvel
The Power of Habit

The West Wing
Fresh Off the Boat
The Daily Show

Tools and tips to be a better editor
How to use Wunderlist more effectively for business and life
How the usage of checklists in business can be used to create greater efficiency, consistency, and safety

Experimenting with
Taking more videos
Gyroscope app
Tweaking my approach to Day Mapping

Traveling internationally
Winning a few more clients
A second Shiba Inu

Working on
Developing a site for Shiba Inu Studio
Winning new clients
Updating my LinkedIn profile
Taking more photos
Planning the next PRSA YoPro event
Preparing for my long distance relay this summer
Getting back in the gym on regular basis
A longer blog post…

[Photo Courtesy of james_wheeler]