Link Locker: Issue 2

Link Locker is a collection of links from the web curated by Joshua Holland

Pavilion constructed using stacked shipping containers in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi.
Traditional Korean hanok gets a modern upgrade.

Orange is the New Black continues its exploration of America’s prison system. Season 4 presents powerful conversations about race, privilege, & power.

Photographer David Burdeny takes beautiful shots of Netherlands’ Tulips.

Herring, it’s more than just bait. Why this wild sustainable fish is worth a second look.
BK Lounge creates a new fusion product, meet the Mac n Cheetos.
Magical and cute dim sum available at Disneyland Hong Kong.
Take better food photos by understanding how to frame your hero.
Salmon season has arrived in Seattle! Viewing now available in Ballard.
BMW’s ReachNow car-sharing service expands to include more Seattle neighborhoods. “Good PR” buries company’s digital redlining practices.
Following San Francisco’s lead, Seattle media spent a day focusing in on homelessness in the Emerald City.
Paul Allen, a community leader steps up to help alleviate homeless with innovate solutions and partnerships.
The Seattle Times announces “Under Our Skin,” an ambitious reporting project focused on race.
400 change agents have arrived in Seattle to discuss how to build and manage better cities.
Washington state is becoming more diverse.
Seattle is becoming a successful model for U.S. transit projects.
People powered machines target a new industry for job destruction. Smacc building an AI system to automate accounting.
Forget the end of world scenario, A.I. is inheriting our biases and has the potential to further perpetuate historic patterns of discrimination. The digital brain we’re creating needs to be heavily scrutinized.
Collision with a pedestrian detected; should your self-driving car hit a pedestrian to save your life or sacrifice you to save their life? Tough choices ahead for our machines. Tesla recently failed its first driver.
Participating in the talent war might be a bad tactic to discover the best talent for your company.
Facebook tweaks its News Feed to more favorably promote content posted by friends and family.
Fresh summer wallpaper to celebrate the start of July.
Meet “Paper, ” an elegant and simple printer.
Interactive visual showing how incomes have shifted for Americans over the years.