Link Locker Issue: 3

Link Locker is a collection of links from the web curated by Joshua Holland.

Writing Tips

Learn to write better by rewriting bad writing.

Want a better headline? Check out these tips from Copyblogger.

The best writing is transparent; it shouldn’t obscure the message. Write simply and be direct to be understood clearly, even in business.


Promising initial review of Batman: Arkham VR. The series has done a lot for the superhero.

Insightful interview with the CEO of TaskRabbit who talks about her experience leading the company and the formula for building a diverse startup.

Job hunting but don’t want your boss to know? LinkedIn has you covered with its new “Open Candidate” feature that tells potential recruiters you’re interested in exploring new opportunities.


The U.S. has experienced tremendous growth and change during  Obama’s presidency. New York Magazine put together a wonderful piece of interactive journalism documenting how that journey looked and affected the lives of Americans.

Similar to other minority groups, Asian Americans are not backing Trump. His approval rate among the demographic group is low.

The 2016 election is important for Americans. The President of the U.S. state has an impact on various parts of our lives. Name an issue you care about; the next President will likely have some effect on it.

Personal Growth

When given the option, do something that scares you and puts you outside of your comfort zone. Good advice from Peter Shankman about confronting challenges.

Seattle News

For the first time in the agency’s history, Sound Transit’s Link Light rail carried over 100,000 passengers in one day.

After years of modest corporate social responsibility (CSR), Amazon has seriously started to give back in big ways. Its most recent donation to the Univeristy of Washington is a remarkable and thoughtful gesture that will benefit the Puget Sound region’s residents and companies.

Amazon continues to expand in the Puget Sound region. Recognizing the need to harness the full potential of the region’s workforce, the company is planning to open an office across Lake Washington in Bellevue.


Forget about creating a sense of urgency among your team. Focus on building a team purpose instead. It will help your organization work smarter and do better work.

Not all jobs should require a bachelor’s degree. EY takes a bold step by eliminating the requirement from entry level positions in the UK.

A job is a professional relationship. Ensure you’re off to a good start by evaluating potential employers during an interview. Here’s a list of red flags you should watch out for when interviewing.

[Photo Courtsey of DaveBleasdale]