Year-In-Review, On the Brink of a New Decade

Another year for the history books. October marks the end of my twenty-eighth year. Each year I enjoy the opportunity to pause and look back at the year that was and think about what has happened.

Twenty-eighth was an eventful and challenging year that required me to practice the art of resilience and take on new responsibilities. Like any good year should be, it featured moderate growth with a healthy amount of risk taking and failure along the way.

This post specifically isn’t about the blooper reel, however. It’s more about the highlight reel. Is it inauthentic? Potentially but blooper reels are for coffee sessions or conversations over beers. Below are a few highlights from my twenty-eighth year.

Won six pieces of new business
Produced my first professional video in six years
Served on a health-focused nonprofit board
Planned a series of events for young professionals with the wonderful PRSA Young Professional (YoPro) crew
Organized a conference for nonprofits to connect with PR and communications professionals
Participated in an Entrepreneur-In-Residence program at Impact Hub Seattle
Helped other professionals understand what it’s like to be an independent consultant
Learned Hubspot and a handful of other web based tools
Survived my third independent tax season
Attended an event at Vulcan HQ about sustainability
Interviewed for a few dream jobs
Participated in the Unlikely Allies conference

Met a few of my “media celebrities”
Expanded my social network and increased the number of different orbits it touches
Stayed active throughout the year by running with Seattle Frontrunners and occasionally going to the gym
Moved to one of my dream Seattle neighborhoods
Built a website for Fuzz Food
Read a few good books – Geek Heresy, Getting There, Startup of You
Ran the Northwest Passage Ragnar relay
Watched a few live shows like the Book of Mormon and Paint the Wagon
Meet neighbors at the Angeline Apartments
Began to start taking a more active role in my Seattle family
Became a Pokken fighter
Reconnected with old friends
Learned how to play mahjong
Met my new nephew Gabriel
Hosted Fuzz Food dinner parties

[Photo Courtesy of Koppenbadger]