Press Publish Initiative 2017

Habits are hard. Whether it’s striving to wake at a certain hour or simply live a healthier life through exercise, it’s an uphill battle, sometimes literally! But that doesn’t mean good habits are not worth striving for.

After all, our routines and what we set as priorities in our lives signal much more than a checklist of things we did right. Habits form the base of who we are. For instance, being a morning person can signal dedication. Spending time with one’s family can signify a value of personal relationships. And even exercise can signify an aspiration toward self-betterment. Habits define us, guide us, and often shape what type of lives we live.


Each year I force myself to try and adopt new habits with the overall goal of continuing to make tweaks and improvements to my life. One of the habits I’m working on diligently in 2017 is to publish weekly. Specifically, I plan to publish one blog post a week.

It’s no secret I love social media! As a professional communicator, it’s one of my favorite channels to pursue when I have news to share or something I’d like to talk about. But it has it’s limits. Over the years I’ve come to find social lacks the refinement and clear thought process of longer written content. Sure it’s timely and relevant but the deep drill down into issues always seems to be lacking. After all, most posts are spur of the moment type of deals and are more aligned with what’s top of mind at that very instant.

Blogging on the other hand in my experience has a way of focusing your attention and making you think clearer. When I pursued this habit actively in 2013 I was amazed by the personal reflection and analysis of issues in my life and topics blogging weekly brought up. I don’t see this same reflection on social media for myself.

What I am Going to do About it?
Creating content regularly takes time and a specific thought process. To help myself get back into a rhythm required to embrace and adopt this habit, I’ll start writing again daily and publish something on Sunday evenings. I’m hoping that this deadline will help me write again more frequently.

Like all habits, I expect this one will be hard at times and often make me wish I picked something easier like eating a slice of cake weekly or staying caught up with my favorite TV shows but I’m confident it’s worth pursuing. I’ll be publishing all of the content on and syndicating specific posts on Medium. Encouragement, comments, ideas warmly welcomed!

Other goals and habits I’m working on for 2017 listed below. What are you aiming for in 2017?

Read a book a month
Become active in a political organization
Travel to a new place
Run a half marathon
Do monthly photo safaris
Complete Duolingo Spanish

Exercise daily
Take more risks on opportunities that might be a long shot
Nurture more personal relationships
Keep my web proprieties updated
Do more activities I love
Worry less, laugh more

[Photos courtesy ofTrey Ratcliff and Joshua Holland]