Ready, Set, Restart… Hello 2018!


Happy New Year! Welcome 2018, a fresh start and a chance to rethink how you approach life, business, and the world around you. For myself, I frequently use the new year as an opportunity to think big about what I’d like to be different come the close of the year. Leading me to imagine new possibilities and adventures not yet taken. The refresh is an opportunity to be optimistic and think about the future.

My 2017 could be simplified as “network expansion.” Through a mixture of planned events and stretch type activities, my personal and professional network expanded in new ways, connecting me with more executives and companies then I’d been to previously. Last year seemed like an endless parade of meeting new folks and expanding my network.

I’m planning to make 2018 different. Will I stop going to networking events?

Not a chance.

Meeting new people?

Nope, I love the thrill of expanding my realm of knowledge and connecting with amazing people helping change Seattle and the world.

So you might be asking at this point, what’s different about 2018?

Simply stated and sometimes resented in my household, this year is about “Personal Infrastructure.”

No, I won’t be installing onramps or adding new hardware – piercings have never been my thing, but this year like a few I’ve designated in the past are about reinforcing core skills of my own and investing in personal development that help position me better for the future.

To that end, I’ve started two projects for the year so far. The first is setting traditional New Year’s resolutions and guiding principals to help me orient myself and act as a guiding post for 2018. Listed below for reference.

The second is a bit different for me; it’s about assessing my strengths and weaknesses by surveying my personal network.  A bit nerve-wracking at first, mostly the process of hitting send, the survey is designed to help me gather information that I plan to use in new exciting ways to grow. The premise of the survey’s design is “what would someone say about you when you’re not in the room, specifically, the good, bad, and needs work.”

Over the years I’ve found that it’s easy to self-assess my weakness, I suck at X but excel at X. But as most people do, including myself, I’m stuck in my head; what I think is often over and under exaggerated. And like Glassdoor reviews, it’s more likely the extremes. Sampling people in your life is a better bet for seeing where you stand and where you stumble.

So far the feedback from my network has been heartwarming and encouraging. At this time, I don’t have enough data to share but I’m excited to explore the idea further in the future and grow in new and exciting ways.

In the meantime, 2018 I’m here and ready to take you with all I’ve got. I’m ready for an eventful ride filled with expected and unexpected ups and downs.

Joshua’s 2018 New Year Resolutions
Publish owned content
Run a half marathon
Read one book a month
Travel somewhere quarterly
Connect with a friend once a week
Cook once a week

Joshua’s 2018 Guiding Principals
Stick with things, even when they’re tough
Focus on the big picture
Invest in personal development
Spend less time with digital devices
Share my expertise more often
Look for ways to pay it forward
Take more calculated risks
Show-up as a confident professional

[Photo Courtesy of Andi Sidwell]